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Control of

Permanent Magnet

Synchronous Motors

Sadegh Vaez-Zadeh


March 2018

    ISBN: 9780198742968

    368 pages

Table of Contents

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Teaching Guide

Solution Manual


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"The book will be very popular among graduate students, researchers, and application engineers in industry, and I recommend it as  a text for university students."

Bimal K. Bose, Life Fellow IEEE

Recipient of 2000 IEEE Millennium Medal

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA


"This is a well written book by an authority on control of permanent magnet machines."

Hamid A. Toliyat, PhD, P.E., Fellow IEEE

Recipient of 2014 IEEE Nicola Tesla Field Award

Texas A&M University, USA


"It is a comprehensive book on control of PM synchronous motors.
Professor Vaez-Zadeh is the right person to write such a book

P. C. Sen, Life Fellow IEEE
Recipient of 2008 IEEE IAS Outstanding Achievement Award
Queen's University, Canada